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Blogs vs Wikis, an old debate?

Here's a video that I still find particularly funny, even though it seems a bit outdated, not only because of its retro look&feel. ... read on
04 May 2013 | Michael Daum

Foswiki is getting SQL RDBMS support!

For a long time we've talked about stitching a relational database into Foswiki, mainly to speed up query searches. To keep things simple Foswiki uses a text database, which stores topics in lots of individual files. By default, searches are implemented by searching every one of these files individually for matching text. This isn't as bad as it sounds; searching is surprisingly fast. But it doesn't scale up terribly well, so people have coupled in various full-text search engines, such as Kinosearch, to accelerate text searches. ... read on
26 Oct 2010 | Crawford Currie

The Dark Side of Open Source: pwning a copyright

What is legally permissible when adding a copyright notice to a derivative work? ... read on
27 Apr 2010 | Crawford Currie

WebDAV gets data views

The WebDAV support for Foswiki took another leap forward this morning, when we finished development of a new FilesysVirtualPlugin which supports different views for topics. This makes Foswiki topic content much more accessible to a wider range of tools. ... read on
12 Apr 2010 | Crawford Currie

Development of Foswiki and TWiki - get the facts

It is often claimed that only a few developers moved from TWiki to Foswiki, therefore the first article will look at who are/were active core developers of both projects. ... read on
17 Nov 2009 | Andre Ulrich

Development of Foswiki and TWiki - get the facts (Intro)

One year after the commercial take over of its time look how TWiki and its successor Foswiki performed. A small blog series will cover facts and give you insight into the development status of both projects. ... read on
14 Nov 2009 | Andre Ulrich
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